My passion for horses started when I was a young girl. After many years of pining and pleading, my parents took the plunge and purchased our first horse, a young Arabian mare named “Overly.” And so began a life-long commitment and dedication to owning and caring for horses, and a sincere affinity for the Arabian breed. During my youth with Overly, I engaged and competed in a variety of events (particularly combined training), and also joined The United States Pony Club, achieving an H-A Rating. Since completing my undergraduate and Air Force commissioning as a distinguished graduate from the University of Florida in 1999, I managed to keep my horses with me as we moved every few years from base to base. While my eight-year career as an Air Force officer was blossoming into a promotion to Major, in 2007 I decided to hang up my military uniform and try my hand at small business ownership which ultimately resulted in the purchase of a 7 acre farm (Overly Stables) where I keep my six horses and instruct a small contingent of riding students in basic equitation, horsemanship and dressage fundamentals.

Having already obtained my BS in Human Resource Development and my MS in HR Administration, I decided in 2013 that I would take advantage of my GI Bill and obtain my third degree…this time in graphic design. Having graduated from Charleston Southern University with a 4.9 GPA, I have discovered that I truly have a unique skill set that applies extremely well with my chosen degree program. While I have always enjoyed the arts, it never occurred to me that I would show any talent in this arena. As my skills and expertise progress, so does my desire to use these skills in the forum I know best—the equine industry.

What I can offer my clients that no other graphic designer can:

A true passion for horses, and an understanding of the equine industry from a small business perspective, a fundamental knowledge of marketing applications and developing a market niche, a solid reputation for delivering results and a professional approach to every project backed by years of experience in military leadership and management.